Frequently Asked Questions

Kick the scooter forward manually, and then press throttle two times
It costs 10 NOK to unlock the scooter and 3 NOK per starting minute. All prices include VAT.

You may be inside a slow-zone set by the municipality. If so speed is limited. Move outside the zone marked by yellow in map. Or you are empty in your wallet.

Always keep both feet on the footboard and both hands on the steering wheel when riding. Please pay attention to your surroundings and follow local traffic laws.
For soft brake, use the left handle on the steering wheel.

Once you made it to your destination, make sure you park your Byspark so it is accessible to the public and is within the operated area. Avoid blocking public paths, cars, driveways and building entrances. Use bike racks when available. Then tap “End ride” in the Byspark app. You will find a full summary of your trips in “My rides” on the top left corner in the app.
Tap the button on the display one time